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The Rupee Checking Savings Account

The Rupee Checking Account is a savings account opened in India. The money deposited in to the account is converted to Indian Rupees, as per the foreign exchange rate2. You can operate the account like any other, from anywhere in the world. Your family in India can also make transactions, as a mandatee.

The account is for Non-Resident Indians and Indians travelling abroad on work with a valid passport and a valid H1/L1/J1/H1-B visa

The Rupee Checking Account can either be an NRE or NRO account

The Rupee Checking Account can be opened with an initial credit of USD 1000 (equivalent) and you can enjoy a waiver on the minimum balance for the next 10 years. In the absence of a specific offer Rs. 40000 needs to be maintained as minimum balance in the account. This earns you an interest of 3.5% per annum

You can deposit money into the account from anywhere in the world and enjoy privileges such as easy money transfers2 and FREE Demand Draft3 deliveries at over 700 locations in India

The Rupee Checking Account gives you the flexibility to transact on your account, from anywhere in the world.

You and your joint account holders (if any) will receive - FREE International ATM / Debit Card - Checkbook - Online access to your account

Your mandatee (if any) in India will receive a - FREE ATM / Debit Card - Checkbook (if the facility is provided).

Many Needs, One Account

With the Rupee Checking Account, you can not only transfer money to India easily, but also do much more. It is an account that opens up a window to all your financial needs in India so that you can take care of your family from miles away.
With the Rupee Checking Account, you can -

Insure - Buy an Indian insurance policy, or pay the premiums of existing insurance policies. Protect your family and plan their lives

Invest - Tap the potential of the Indian economy. With the Citibank Rupee Checking Account, you can invest in various schemes , such as - Mutual Funds*, Deposits and Real Estate in India*Currently not available for US-based customers.

Avail Home Loans - You can help your family in building their dream home. Avail a Citibank Home Loan, or pay the EMIs of home loans from other financial institutions

Pay Utility Bills - Pay the utility bills of your family in India - such as electricity, telephone and mobile bills, right from where you are

Send Gifts to India - Be part of every occasion that your family celebrates. All you have to do is, visit our Great Offers shopping page to start shopping online with your Citibank Rupee Checking Account Debit Card. Get up to 40% off on various merchandise.

Non-Resident External / Non-Resident Ordinary Account

Non-Resident External Account (NRE account) can be a current / savings account held in India, in Indian Rupees. The account can be funded primarily by funds from abroad. Local Indian Income Funds that do not qualify to be transferred abroad (like pension, rent, etc.) cannot be credited into the account.
In an NRE account -

The principal amount and the interest are fully repatriable (can be converted to any foreign currency)

Income from the interest on the amount is non-taxable

The money from the account can be transferred to any other account

The interest earned in the savings account is 3.5% per annum4. The current account is a non- interest bearing account.
Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO account) is a current / savings account held in India, in Indian Rupees. An NRO account is best suited for NRIs who have sources of income in India, such as rent, interest gained from any mutual fund, pension, etc.
Funds that cannot be transferred abroad can be remitted into an NRO account. You can credit money earned abroad as well.In an NRO account -

The interest can be repatriated (converted to foreign currency), but not the principal amount. The principal amount can be used only for local payments (in India). Current income such as dividends, rents, pensions, etc., can be repatriated after producing a certificate from a Chartered Accountant

Income from the interest on this account is liable for Indian Income Taxes

The interest earned in the savings account is 3.5% per annum4. The current account is a non- interest bearing account.

Easy Money Transfers2

With the Rupee Checking Account you can send money home, without spending on money transfers. It is the most convenient and easy way. There are 7 modes by which you can send money -

Online Transfers - Currently for US customers only from any US Bank Account to your Citibank Rupee Checking Account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) facility

Wire Transfers / Telegraphic Transfers - From any local bank in your city to your Citibank Rupee Checking Account

Electronic Funds Transfer - Rupees from your local India bank to your Citibank Rupee Checking Account

Citibank Global Transfers - From your local Citibank Account to your Citibank Rupee Checking Account for customers in select regions

Dial-to-Transfer* - This unique facility helps you transfer funds electronically from your bank in the United States to your Citibank Rupee Checking Account in India.*This facility is only for US customers

Checks - You can fund your account by Personal Check / Certified Check / Cashiers Check or Drafts

Demand Drafts3 - You can send money to anyone in India through our online demand draft issuance facility, which will be issued and couriered to the doorstep of the payee, free of cost, at over 700 locations in India.

Mandatee Facility

You can appoint your family member, friend or any other person who is a resident of India as mandatee for your account, who can make transactions permitted by the account holder.
All you have to do is fill a Mandatee Form and provide the required documents.
A mandatee can do the following transactions in your account -

Withdraw money using their ATM / Debit Card

Issue checks on your behalf

Order Demand Drafts via CitiPhone

Deposit checks into the account in the account holder's name (can deposit foreign currency checks only in an NRE account).
However, a mandatee is not allowed to do the following -

Make address changes in accounts

Deposit checks in the mandatee’s name into the account

Place Standing Instructions in the account

Make a foreign currency Cash / Drafts / Travellers Check deposit or withdrawal.
Click here to download the Mandate form

Pay Utility Bills in India

Pay your Mobile, Landline, Electricity, Water and Insurance payments in India online using Citibank Bill Pay. Citibank has an extensive directory of billers that you can make payments to. Visit our 'Online Services' section for more details.

Access 24/7

With Citibank, you have access to information, anytime you want. With facilities such as Internet Banking / Phone Banking / Mobile Banking, you can transact on your account from anywhere in the world.
Internet Banking -

Access your account - You can access your account through Citibank's award-winning website to view your account balances, make account-to-account transfers, issue Standing Instructions, order Demand Drafts, pay utility bills and do much more. All transactions with Citibank Online have the highest security standards, which are constantly being upgraded

CitiAlert - You can also use CitiAlert, a powerful service that keeps you informed of key events on your account through e-mail or SMS (Please visit the mobile banking section)

Register for Statement on E-mail (SOE) - You can register for the SOE facility online. Once you register, you will receive your account statements in a completely secure PDF format right in your e-mail inbox.
Phone / Mobile Banking -

Standing Instructions - You can give Standing Instructions to our officers, using CitiPhone – our 24-hour phone banking service in all the cities of India where we have branches

Apply for Citibank Products - You can apply for Citibank products, by sending an SMS to 52484. You can even subscribe to the CitiAlert service or register for SOE with an SMS

Transact with an SMS - Mobile banking permits you to transact with ease. You can pay utility bills, convert a payment to EMI, and do much more

CitiAlert - Alerts regarding your account are sent to your mobile.

Prior to opening an account with us, for product related queries or information you may write to However, after your account has been opened, please direct your queries to only.

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